New Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Yeah-Yeah-YeahsYeah Yeah Yeahs – Sacrilege

I remember hearing this during their concert at the Glass House, and being confused because I had never heard it before. And I was like, “Is this new?” and my friends were like, “Uh, I guess so.”

Well now I’ve have my answer. It IS new. And it IS fantastic. So check it out. They will also be playing Coachella, so if any of you lucky bastards have a ticket, make sure you see them. It is definitely a good time.

Lately, I’ve been wondering about you

Madness – My Girl 2

Off their newest album, Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da. I was really excited when I heard that they had put out a new song, and it has lived up to my expectations. Definitely catchy and will get stuck in your head if you listen too many times, so listeners beware...

Brought you down again

Buke & Gase
Buke & Gase – Hiccup

Okay this is pretty weird, but it grew on me. I find parts of it extremely catchy, much like their older stuff. Catchy, and strangely attractive, but you can’t really explain why. The rest of this album should be out soonish, as they include more weird instruments and experiment with different sounds. So keep and eye out for that. Check it out.


When I come crawling home


STFKR – Leave it All Behind

STFKR – Say to You

First song is fantastic, followed by a mellower song on an album, from a band that we’re not usually used to hearing mellow stuff from. I’m excited to play this on the radio, during our mellow coffee hours. But for now I’ll just continue listening to their new album, Miracle Mile (2012), on my own. Their past album is brilliant, and each track I’m listening to is just so different and fantastic in its own way.

I personally like the first track better, but it’s your pick! Let me know which track off the album you like best!

Is it worth the wait?

MitziMitzi – Who Will Love You Now

Heard this one on KCRW, so thank you for that, guys. This is new off their album “Truly Alive.” Digging the mellow vibes right now. Kinda trancy-electro-dance. Check it out. I’ve also been meaning to write up about other artists, but just haven’t gotten the chance to. However, I’ve finally finished with midterms so we’ll see if I post more often now. But as a college student, the work never ends…

That’s okay, I was born in L.A.

Foxygen – Shuggie

Foxygen – San Francisco

So I posted something by these guys June back in 2012 (‘Waiting 4 U‘), but this is off their newest album, “We are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Love,” which I finally got the chance to listen to about five times this week before I realized I should post it up here. It’s an amazing album, and one that I’ve put on while studying or just cleaning around the house. As for “Shuggie,” I find this particular song fantastic because it’s got so many parts of it. At a certain point, the song just turns into a funk-tastic beat, and you’re like, wait, is this the same song? But gets right back into it. I find this entire album absolutely fun and catchy, and, after hearing the entire album on Spotify, I have to say, the entire thing is definitely worth a listen. But while “Shuggie” is the one that I think is more popular, I find the second track I posted, “San Francisco,” so beautiful and a great use of the call-and-response method. It will easily get stuck in my head even if I haven’t listened to it all day. They are opening for Unknown Mortal Orchestra (which I posted a few days ago), on February 15th at the Echoplex. If you are in L.A. you should definitely go, because the ticket price isn’t bad at all. I’m going to be there covering the event with 3 other cool dudes from radio, so if you wanna come (which ya’ll should) click here for tickets.

Oh yeah, and Happy Groundhog’s Day!